I Honour April Because Best one liner to define them- Extreme of all emotions! The April births bring in your life ‘pal me tola pal me masha’ kind of character. If you forget about this trait, their identity is incomplete. Despite this, caring and strong, people born in April are said to be the sweetest people in the World. Check out some of the most significant ones.
  1. april1 They are sensitive and sensible-They follow their heart, but take their brain along with them!

People born in April are very particular about things around them. Their activeness induces an aura of freshness wherever they go. People take their advices, related to their profession, since no one can beat them on that.
  1. OOh La La! Pretty and tempting

They will tempt you to the core to get any materialistic or emotional thing. Be it chocolates, irresistible desserts or love and lust that you long for emotionally. Bach ke rehna rey baba bach ke rehna rey! 😛
  1. They are brave, outgoing and firm.

Life begins at the end of their comfort zone. They will apply all their knowledge, sources and efforts to get a task done, be it for themselves or a loved one. If you approach them for help, you will not leave without a solution. They are exactly the ones you can look up to when faced with difficulties.
  1. Friendships mean a lot to them- Ye dosti hum nahi todenge

Although they have in numerous friends around, they manage to have their own unique repo amongst all of them in a strong way. Everyone has a special place for them in their lives. Truly admirable!
  1. They are controlled by the dual forces of the zodiac sign, Aries and the planet of Mars.

This makes them impatient and a little destructive. Hitler and Saddam Hussein were born in April. You can make out how they might end up being, if you are not nice to them. LOL 😀
  1. They take sports, engineering, military services and similar fields as career choices.

You must be thinking these professions are sooo not related to each other. Well, april borns are spread everywhere. You really can’t escape from them!
  1. They are so impatient and confused all the time. Bhagwaan bachaye!

Impatience is the root of all their problems. They don’t understand that they cannot force life to give them answers. They have to make way and find solutions without getting confused. Once they get a hold of this shortcoming, life becomes a cakewalk for them.
  1. They are always active and charged.

The rare qualities very few people possess and even if they do, not to such a degree. And being in their company makes your behaviour similar.
  1. April borns believe in trial and error- try try again- Spider and King wali story suni hai?

These individuals are born leaders. they get the task going. By hook or by crook. They might get depressed if failed, but they regain their enthusiasm in no time.
  1. Love for them is- Fiery and romantically God gifted!

Either they will love or they will not. No two ways about it. It’s all about finding the right person at the right time. If they are cheated, be it any reason, they decide to become saints.

They are attractive and affectionate people and are very encouraging at the same time. However, they can be revengeful when people or circumstances turn against them. They are equally pleasant and vicious and can be generous, as well as aggressive. However, they are some of the best people to be around..  Kudos to them!

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